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Venture capital (VC) financing is an important engine of growth in the US economy, providing early stage companies with the funding to commercialize their ideas and advance innovation. In 2017, venture capital funding in the US alone topped $80 billion, with over 20,000 venture deals being made. Apple, Amazon, Google, Netflix, Uber, Spotify, Airbnb, Instagram (the list goes on) were all funded by venture capitalists. VCs identify, fund, and assist the companies that create our future


For too long, however, access to the venture capital community has been largely network-driven and biased to favor certain demographics. We know that great ideas come from everywhere - but the current VC community can seem insular and closed-off to newcomers; somewhere between ideation and funding, the diversity ratios fall apart. There are many points of failure along the entrepreneurial journey where women, minorities, and others face disproportionate hurdles, but in 2018, access to VCs should not be one of them.


At Alpha Edison (AE), we seek to meet, educate, and support the most creative, innovative, and bold founders and visionaries. We encourage exceptional students to apply to the Campus Capital program, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, nationality, or previous VC experience.


The second year of AE’s Campus Capital program will kick off in June of 2020 and run through the 2020-2021 academic year.


AE will select up to 25 students from campuses across the country.


The Campus Capital Venture Fellows will be invited to (virtually) attend a weekend of training in Los Angeles at AE’s headquarters, where they will learn about venture capital and how to identify strong investment opportunities. As part of this training, the Fellows and the AE team will craft an engagement plan for the academic year.


Once back on campus, the Fellows will then be equipped to attend campus and regional startup and tech events, and to report back on investment opportunities that align with AE’s investment theses.


Venture Fellows will be given a percentage of profits from any deal they bring in that AE invests in.


Campus Capital Venture Fellows will be considered part of the AE investment team and will be supported by the broader AE community via regular check-ins and meetings during the year.

Interested in joining?

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