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To build and educate a community of students that will become the next generation of venture capital investors.


Alpha Edison is a Los Angeles, CA-based venture capital firm investing in tech-driven industry transformations. Despite a few outsized successes, the venture capital industry has been plagued by severe and systematic errors. We are redesigning the machinery of cognition to reduce the noise that has overwhelmed most strategies and to remove cognitive biases in decision making. The result is repeatable outperformance.


Alpha Edison is a dynamic, entrepreneurial firm with a clear merit-driven culture of inclusion. We employ a proactive, multidisciplinary approach to identify new markets and build companies that unlock latent demand. Alpha Edison works with innovative data models to uncover the leading indicators of changing behavior. Our process is creative and generative, using a different set of tools, analytical frameworks, and data to help us ask better questions.

For more information about our team, portfolio, and how we think, please visit our website,

“There's a better way to do it - find it.”

Thomas Alva Edison

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